What is Staking?

Staking is a feature of the Proof of Stake technology, that allows all CSPR token holders to participate in the network. Such participation is rewarded by the network in a form of CSPR tokens that are paid to the participants

How Staking Works?

All account holders can choose to delegate all or part of their tokens to one or more of the network Validators

Once delegated, tokens begin their participation in the network and the account holder is rewarded in the end of each era (every 2 hours)

Account holder remains the owner of all the tokens and can undelegate them at any time

How to Stake?

The easiest official way to stake your CSPR tokens is to delegate them with cspr.live. Please refer to How to Stake guide for details

Why Stake with Us?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) networks and systems are strong as long as they stay decentralized. For Casper network, it means that all validators should be balanced and no validator has overwhelmingly high amount of tokens staked

Become Casperian, support decentralization and the network!

We are offering low commission rate and very good uptime on AWS. Together those two factors will guarantee you the highest returns with the least effort and upkeep

Why is commission rate so low?

0% is a promotional rate, however we do not currently have plans to increase it

Is APY variable?

Yes, it is. It depends on the total number CSPR tokens staked across all validators. The more tokens are staked the less the APY is. APY is the same across all network validators

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